Sommeren er forbi. Det er første gang i mange år, jeg ikke skal starte i skole igen – det er vildt. Nu venter der et nyt eventyr – Dubai i 3 mdr. fra 1. september med Niels. Dette bliver min online (primært visuelle) dagbog, og jeg glæder mig til at dele en masse billeder med hvem end, der følger med derude! Men først, lige lidt glimt fra min sommer i Danmark.


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I did it! I am now cand. design, and here’s a sum up of my master project:

This is a visualisation of music; a graphic notation that is defined as the representation of music through visual symbols. My objective has been to create a system that enhances the visual perception of the complexity entailed in the language of the notes and in the building of the composition as a whole.
The purpose of the visualisation is to create a tool for conductors that will enable them to acquire a better overview and a more intuitive feel of the entire composition and so improve the communication between conductor and musician. In addition, the visualisation enhances the specific musical links between all parts of the composition. Based on the role of the conductor I have translated selected elements of the composition including rhythm, dynamics, phrases, entries, and classification of parts.
On top of this, my work serves as a visual invitation to everyone to pursue a better understanding of the complexity of music. It is an experience and an entry into the world of music.

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It’s about time that I uploaded something at Kramfitterknas. So why not a little something from Mallorca. For the next five days, this will be my office. By the pool, at the bar, on the beach. I was born to be here, I know I was. If you want to, you can also follow me at Instagram: #gjode

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