My master project has now begun. I am doing some sort of information graphics / data visualization on a musical score. In other words a visual ‘language’ for music that isn’t aimed at disseminating sound in the way musical notation is, but to create a visual system, which provides a visual sense of the complexity in the structures of music. The idea behind this project comes from my desire to improve the communication between composers, musicians and audiences, and also to promote the way we understand music. This week, I met with Phillip Faber, who is a conductor of the DR girls choir and we had a great talk about the way he reads and interprets music. Later that same day, I met up with a guy called Emil, who studies at The Academy of Music in Copenhagen. He showed me some of his awesome graphic notations, from which he creates experimental music.

I hope that I have time to keep you updated on the project once in a while!

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