do’s and dont’s

Godt nok er Kollywood noget af et metropol, men jeg havde nu alligevel brug for et smut til Århus i den forgangne uge – og jeg rev (ligesom i de gamle dage) lige et vice magazine med hjem!

Så fik jeg den tanke, at jeg lige ville dele et par do’s and dont’s med jer!


This is the type of house that is filled with trash, smells like soup, has a black-and-white TV, and everyone dresses like they won a $15 shopping spree at a secondhand shop, but then there’s a wall of desks lined with brand-new MacBook Airs. I’d like to dick-punch these guys repeatedly.


Not only does he look like he HAS a giant cock, he also LOOKS LIKE a giant cock. As her face can attest to.


No matter how big of a wasted fuckup you turn into, nothing will ever top the pure shameless obliteration of your early teens. I think it’s the mixture of not knowing the difference between a beer and a full glass of vodka and the fact that your only reference drunks are from cartoons.


This bohemian nonsense has got to stop. I know you think this is fashion-forward, but Karl Lagerfeld wouldn’t even wipe his life partner’s fluids off his penis with that outfit. She looks like Mary-Kate LOLsen.


I’ve always wondered what the vagina of a British gal who loves drum and bass and has dreads that look like weathered ship ropes would look like. Initially I would have guessed it looks hostile, like it has teeth and would eat your masculinity raw, but I’m gonna think outside the box and go with very pleasant and well maintained.


Whether he’s an Icelandic deep-house enthusiast who thinks it’s still 1995 or a Fijian mash-up DJ from the year 2021 who’s so on the cutting edge of every emerging trend that it’s actually intimidating, this guy is the worst.

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